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M01: Romance Kakurenbo – 79th generation
M02: Overture
M03: Mae Shika Mukanee – Yuuko the 9th, Megu, Himeko, Yui
M04: Escape – Jurina the 2nd, Takamina the 5th, Sayaka the 10th, Rinne
M05: Yabanna…



"Really?" Sonata gasped. She wouldn’t admit it aloud but she was worried the successor had other plans and would just decline the snowball fight.

"Let’s go then~" Sonata sung happily and smiled. This was going to be fun.

"Let’s." Takamina grinned. The kenkyuusei seemed to have this aura around her that made the surroundings either extremely happy, or sad, depending on the feelings of the younger girl, at least to Takamina, and she had met several people with similar "aura".

Once outside, Takamina quickly scooped up a handful of snow, and threw it towards her kouhai, giving the younger extremely short time to react.

"Waaah!" Sonata tripped backwards as the snow hit her. She gathered some snow for her own snowball and threw it at Takamina before running to the side for avoid another attack.

She gathered up some more snow to throw. “Super snowball attack!” She cheered and threw her snowball towards Takamina and laughed.


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"So… 10 all together!" Sonata grabbed all the bracelets and took them over to the counter. She handed the lady behind the register the bracelets and her money. The lady placed the bracelets in a cute pink bag and passed them back.

"Okay. Sonata is ready to go~" She put the bag into a pocket in her jumper.

Chieri paid for her items, and then nodded. “Let’s go then!” Leading the way out, she asked, “Do you want to keep looking at clothes, or just whatever takes our fancy?”

Being outside again, among the throngs of people was really interesting. The fashion, the dialect, the fact that nobody knew who they were… It was both an adventure, and incredibly freeing.

"Hmm. Whatever takes our fancy sounds good." Sonata said as she looked around. She would often pull her phone out and snap a picture of something that caught her attention, like a cool looking store or someone wearing cute clothes.

The passerby’s would still look at the pair, probably because of Chieri’s unnatural hair colour but didn’t really pay the girls much attention. Sonata would just smile at them when they looked over.

Sonata stopped walking. “Woah! What’s that?”



Sonata knew in a snowball fight, everyone would turn on each other but it was all just fun and games.

"Sonata was going to go out soon, but she wanted to find someone to play with first." She smiled.

"So I take it no-one wanted to follow you out?" Takamina said, kind of feeling to be in the ‘danger zone’.

As she looked at the younger girl, she realized that, if she were to start a snowball fight alongside the kenkyuusei, what harm would it really do? Besides, it had been a while since she had done anything the like, and snow didn’t come every day.
"I suppose I could tag along…" She said, trying not to sound too eager.

"Really?" Sonata gasped. She wouldn’t admit it aloud but she was worried the successor had other plans and would just decline the snowball fight.

"Let’s go then~" Sonata sung happily and smiled. This was going to be fun.



"Welmph…" Sonata began to speak but it came out a jumbled mess as she still had food in her mouth. She took a second to chew and swallow her food before trying again.

"Well, Sonata found some ducks the other day down but the river and they were so cute and waddle-y and maybe thought it’d be a good idea to go a feed them~" She wiped her mouth with the napkin and continued. "Do you wanna come with me?"

"Anything you’d like to do, Sonati." Suzuko said, smiling at the younger girl’s description of the ducks.

"We could ask Chef Papa for some bread too," She added thoughtfully as she took a sip of her juice. As Suzuko placed the glass down she had a thought. She wanted to stop in the shops by the river and see if a new book had come in, so it would be a fun way to spend the afternoon and get some shopping done.

"Would you mind if we stopped at a store on the way there?"

“‘course we can.” Sonata smiled. She finished eating and waiting for Suzuko. Sonata could be a real glutton sometimes.

Once Suzuko was finished, the pair took back their empty plates and Sonata asked Chef Papa for some bread. He gave her an almost empty packet that had 3 or 4 slices left in it.

"Okay. Let’s go!"

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例のパーカー by 盆々



The weather hadn’t been so nice lately so as soon as the sun started shining through the clouded sky, Sonata was outside. She had looked outside the window before she left and had seen a family of ducks gathered outside. She grabbed an almost finished loaf of bread and took off to feel the ducks.

She sat on the damp bench nearby and start throwing little pieces of bread towards them. The parent ducks eyed her suspiciously as their babies came running over to eat.

Sonata looked around to see if there were any other duck families nearby. There wasn’t any she could see but she could see another girl walking down towards her. She waved over the the other girl. “Hi~”

"Hello, Sonata~ Enjoying the weather?" Tomoyo sat down, less worried about the wet bench than the ducks - they weren’t exactly her favourite animals. 


"You look quite cute today~" It was true, of course, Sonata always looked cute. To be honest, some of the other members weren’t known for their fashion sense, so it was nice to see Sonata looking adorable. 

"Thanks. You look pretty too~" Sonata smiled. She looked back to the duck family. Ducks weren’t her all time favourite animal - rabbits were - but anything cute and adorable, Sonata was almost guaranteed to love it. Although if the parent ducks started hissing at her, she would run.

"Do you want to feed them too?" Sonata asked, holding a piece of bread out for Tomochin.