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"Ka-na-ta!" Sonata practically flung herself around her sister’s back like a koala bear.

"Do you want to play with Sonata today? There’s no practice till this afternoon. We could go exploring!"

Kanata was going out for a walk, taking advantage of her free time to maybe go buy something for Sonata’s birthday, since it was coming soon. But it would be for later, cause said Sonata just jumped on her back, wanting to play. Kanata would probably has said no, but she was in a good mood.

"Sonata, get down, you’re not a little child anymore. I’ll play with you, where do you want to go?"

"Ooh! That new arcade in the city~" Sonata sung. "Maybe with big-sis’s skills we could win a prize." Sonata climbed down off her sisters back.

Kanata was relieved to see that her sister didn’t want to play a child game, like tag or hide and seek. 

"Lets go then. I’ll show you my big sister’s skills."

She wasn’t really sure she could win a prize, but she wanted to do her best to not let down her cute little sis.

"Yay! It’s not to far away. Just a few streets this way~" Sonata lead the way.

The arcade was bright, loud and smelled like popcorn. Sonata explained the way you needed to trade in your money for tokens to play the machines then when you win tickets, you could get them counted and trade them in for something.

She led the way to the token-money machine and put some of her own money in to get some tokens.




"Okay!" Sonata sung happily. She walked sightly ahead of Suzuko and rambled on about anything that caught her eye.

She spotted the book store just ahead. “Oh! Is that book store you need to go to, Linda?”

"Correct, Sonati." Suzuko checked her pockets for her wallet, double checking to confirm her money was still present (It was). So she quickly entered into the store, with Sonata trailing behind her.

The manager did a double take when they entered, but smiled after a moment. The shop owners were used to the idols, but still seeing them slip in to their shops was a treat.

Sonata smiled at the manager and followed Suzuko. She looked around at all the books. She wasn’t much of a reader herself but Suzuko liked it so Sonata tried to keep an interest in it.

"There are so many books. How long would it take to read them all?" Sonata asked absentmindedly. She saw an old book in a shelf not to far away. It was old and dusty and she wanted to see the contents of it, but she probably couldn’t lift it herself.

"They’re not human, of course words won’t get through to them. But we have our song!"




"That is such a perfect spot! Sonata how are you just this perfect?"

Sonata giggled and put her hands on her hips heroically. “Sonata just is.” She grinned.

Sonata looked out to the ocean. “It’s so sparkly and pretty! Sonata wants to play in it~”

"Wait for me sonata, I want to come too!!!"

Sonata laughed and continued to run towards the water. “Gotta be quicker to catch Sonataaaa~!”



Sonata collapsed on the couch in the common room. Practicing all day was tiring but she was confident in these new dance steps. She was ready to sit back and talk and play with her friends.

"Hey Sonata, I just saw that you are done with practicing. Want to watch a movie with me?"

"Yes!" Sonata went to jump up but her tired muscles had a different idea. She instead to to rolling herself over and sitting up.

"What do you want to watch?"




"Good eyes, Sonata!" Studying the map, she thought she’d memorised the way to the landmark. "Alright, let’s go this way."

The duo made their way to the closest station, where Chieri brought tickets and again studied the maps. Nodding to herself, she was still certain they were going in the right direction. “It shouldn’t take us too long to get there.”

Sonata followed Chieri onto the platform and their train arrived not to long after. It wasn’t as high tech as back home but Sonata wouldn’t go as far as to call it old and rickety.

The younger girl made her way to a window seat and pressed her face up against the glass to look outside as the city the went past. “Look how tall that building is!” Sonata exclaimed.

Chieri followed after Sonata as the younger girl got them seats. The train wasn’t incredibly crowded, but she didn’t want to get separated from the blonde in the case of a sudden rush of people.

Leaning around, Chieri saw the building Sonata was pointing at. Tokyo really is an interesting city… “With so many tall buildings, do you think we can find the right one?”

"Sure we can!" Sonata sung. "You gotta be positive."

Sonata spent the rest of the train ride pointing out different things and making comments on how cool Tokyo was. She also pointed out different people entering the train with cute or strange outfits.

"You’d look good in that outfit, Chieri." Sonata motioned to a girl who had just stepped into the carriage. She was wearing a knee length blue dress with a sailor collar and jewels around the hem of the skirt.


get to know me: [5/5] Female Characters

Motomiya Nagisa - AKB0048


30 Day Cosplay Challenge // Day 16: Do you belong to any cosplay groups?  If so, what are they?

I don’t yet, but there’s one in the making! I have been part of a group cosplay though, and it was so much fun I can’t wait to do it again :’D

Here’s a picture of us being dorks. TAKAMINA THE STRONG!

Was really Shinoda Mariko the fucking queen in AKB?
~ asked by Anonymous



In case the gif didn’t convince you let’s talk about this fabulous bitch

  • Only member who joined without passing an audition
  • worked in the akb cafe where fans liked her so much that when akb was holding a ballot to determine which member of the first gen they liked best a ton of them wrote in ballots for Mariko
  • Aki-P’s like “who the shit is this”
  • goes to Mariko ask her if she wants to join and she’s like fuck yeah and he’s like ok if you can learn ALL THE SONGS in like a week you’re in
  • and she did it
  • proceeded to be one of the most consistently popular members in the group, participating in all 5 elections with a peak of 3rd place and never getting below 5th place
  • GOT A FUCKING SINGLE NAMED AFTER HER HELLO who else did that oh right nobody
  • basically everyone’s big sister and there is not a soul in the 48group that doesn’t respect the shit out of her
  • she’s been there for some members when they’ve gone through some extremely tough stuff, like when Jurina was center for Oogoe Diamond and when Haruppi was added to Team A
  • even though people continually give her crap about her singing she still tries to improve until the 2012 kohaku when she rehearsed like crazy to sing an absolutely stunning cover of Mujin Eki even though we already knew and accepted that she wasn’t about singing but she wanted her team to win that badly
  • oh I forgot to mention SHE HAS HER OWN CLOTHING LINE HELLO

if anyone reading this does not respect the shit out of Mariko please unfollow me because I do not want you in my life

Japanese Vocab: Fruits


いちご (ichigo) - strawberry
みかん (mikan)  - orange
すいか(suika) - watermelon
バナナ(banana) - banana
りんご(ringo) - apple
メロン (meron) - melon
パイナップル (painappuru) - pineapple
レモン (remon) - lemon
ぶどう(budou) - grapes
なし(nashi) - pear
もも(momo) - peach
さくらんぼ(sakuranbo) - cherry
すもも(sumomo) - plum

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It seems like none of the main kenkyuusei (no name) are suceeding. Is it that the muns/typists feel like they’ll dissapoint or anger fans if they choose “wrong”? Not trying to push anyone, but I’m just… surprised.

[Yes and no for me at least.

Yes because I’ve seen so many different fan suggestions/headcannons for Sonata and they all differ as well as my one.

And no because I have a headcannon that Sonata doesn’t want to succeed before Kanata because she doesn’t want her sister to be.. kicked while she’s down? kinda of? Mimori succeeded before her, and the next generation succeeded before her, then Nagisa succeeded! And Sonata feels like she’d betray her sister if she succeeded first.

Long post. Sorry.]